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A-1 Fleet Door Services is proud to offer you great value and superior quality door systems at competitive prices.

Our highly qualified sales team is available to assess your commercial needs and recommend a system solution that is effective, efficient and affordable.

All our doors are engineered and manufactured for excellence, are durable and strong and exceed safety standards.

We specialize in Rolling Steel Doors, Fire Doors, Coiling Grills and Counter Shutters.

All A-1 Fleet Door technicians are fully certified to repair and maintain all types of door systems. We provide outstanding customer service and pride ourselves in customer relations. Our products and services are backed by outstanding warranties and we are committed to ensuring the safety, security and efficiency of your high performance door systems.

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Garage Doors

A garage door should function as more than just a closure to space. It should serve as protection to the elements, be aesthetically pleasing, provide security and offer convenience. A-1 Fleet Door Services offers a wide variety of garage door solutions to meet all your needs. Our knowledgeable sales staff will assess your needs and recommend exactly the right door and accessories to suit your lifestyle.

At A-1, we partner with manufacturers who provide us with durable, exceptionally manufactured doors and door openers. All doors are safe, high quality AND affordable without compromising style.

Once you’ve chosen the door system that best meets your needs, our professional, certified technicians will install the doors and openers. All doors are warrantied for one year when used under normal conditions and service and maintenance is available. Our technicians are certified to service and maintain all brands and types of garage door systems.